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Range Of special vehicles

RSA specialized vehicles have proven their success in East Africa in the last decade to become market leaders.

Special Vehicles


Vehicles are designed and engineered considering the rough terrain and for meeting the requirements of diverse range of users e.g. tour operators, anti poaching operators, mining companies, agricultural, governmental organizations and other corporate users.


A great deal of effort and skill has gone to make the vehicle what it is today without compromising on the quality. The inputs which have gone into the vehicle have come across the globe to match and compete the quality standards of the special vehicle converters in Africa. Today, with privilege, RSA states that most of the tour operators in Tanzania are its esteemed customers who have time and again relied on the quality products of RSA. Better selection of materials has led to lighter, stronger and superior designed bodies with enhanced focus on safety and ergonomic features. Vehicle durability and longevity have been enhanced by use of optimum materials and reinforcements.


The performance of the vehicle has been outstanding on operational efficiency, comfort levels for long distance travel and safety standards. Manufacturer's warranty scheme, as per the terms and conditions, against faulty workmanship and material is a statement of the company's confidence in its products.

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