RSA Africa - 4WD off-road vehicle conversion and accessories

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Radiation Protection Screen

Simple yet effective. These screens shield the vulnerable radiator area from insects and grass which can cause overheating and in extreme cases, vehicle fire.

4WD Equipment

To reduce the impact in the event of a collision.

Polu Bush Kits:

The RSA polyurethane bush is a resilient high grade component specifically manufactured to RSA's specification for 4WD application, by one of Australia's largest high technology polyurethane bush manufacturer. Offering longer life when compared to rubber bushes, they are low maintenance and improved vehicle stability. RSA bushes have been developed as a more compliant bush to reduce suspension noise, vibration and harshness. Most of the Poly Bush ranges are designed to meet conditions in Africa.

U - Bolts

RSA heavy duty U- bolts are matted in length to the leaf springs to accommodate the increased stack height of the springs. (Stack Height is the thickness of the spring at the center bolt).

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