RSA Africa - 4WD off-road vehicle conversion and accessories

Leaf Springs


Load Rate Treated: To Ensure exacting quality control

Accurately Heat Treated: To ensure durability

Diamond Cut Ends: Individual leaf spring ends are diamond cut to reduce inter leaf friction and improve the distribution of pressure pn the load bearing surfaces between leaves.

Manufactured from high grade spring steel: To increase elasticity, memory, lengthen life and improve safety.

Military Wrap For Safety: In case of extra abuse, if the main leaf breaks the spring should be retained in drivable position.

Anti friction pads:

1. between the leaf spring and the clip to reduce noise and friction.

2. Nylon pads are positioned between leaves to reduce friction.

Bolt Clips: Used instead of fold over clips wherever possible for better rebound control of the leaf spring.

Graphite Coated: Reduces friction between leaves for supple performance.

Quality Assured: A strict quality program is adhred, through all stages of manufacturing.